We commend all patients for the care they put into their skin. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be seeing us in the first place. We meet patients who have fancy 5-step routines, with 10 different exfoliators, moisturizers, cleansers, etc.  After all, the more you clean your face, the less acne you will have, right?

The answer is actually the complete opposite. It turns out that vigorously cleaning your face can actually make your face dirtier. Think of your skin as a barrack that sends soldiers out to fight germs walking across your skin. Now imagine, what would happen if you scrubbed your face and stripped your skin of all its defenses and its natural oils. Your skin would be invaded by bacteria and also overproduce oils to compensate, a perfect combination for acne breakouts!

So what should you do instead? Take a shower and let the water and shampoo run down your face. And that is it. This is enough to wash the dirt and germs off your face but not enough to depopulate your skin of its antimicrobial fighters.


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