What are Collagen Stimulators?

Collagen stimulation therapy promotes collagen production in your body by inserting the chemical “poly-L-lactic acid”. It is injected into the skin to help promote the production of collagen. The collagen-stimulating treatments are effective for individuals whose skin has gradually lost collagen over time.

The result of collagen loss is visible as wrinkles, skin sagging, and thinning the skin. Collagen stimulating treatments boost collagen production and help in restoring the volume and elasticity of your skin. It is known for providing your skin the youthful appearance that it had lost due to loss of collagen. Acne scars are characterized by the local depletion of collagen around the scarred tissue. To treat these scars, collagen stimulators have proved their efficiency.

How Do Collagen-stimulating Treatments Work?

Collagen is the substance that holds the body together, it is an abundantly available protein in the body. For skin, collagen provides a framework for healthy skin. It gives your skin the appearance of a smooth surface. Inflammation related to the active acne results in fat loss and dermal collagen. The body resolves the active acne breakouts; hence, collagen is no longer present to provide the support that your skin needs. The loss of collagen results in the appearance of depression or pitted acne scars. CROSS and subsicion acne scar treatment is used to treat these scars, and it is accompanied by the treatment of collagen injections for acne scars.

With the collagen stimulating injections, the body gets to promote collagen production that helps the pitted areas to replenish themselves. The growth of collagen leads to the maintenance of the surrounding scarring areas. The procedure is painless. The collagen stimulator comes in a vial that we will premix with an anesthetic to make the procedure comfortable for the patient. The patient will also be given ice before, during, and after the procedure to further reduce any pain or excessive bleeding.

When Do I Start Noticing Results After Using Collagen Stimulators And How Long Do They Last?

Upon the completion of collagen stimulation therapy, your body requires several months to fully boost its collagen production and produce noticeable results. It is because our fibroblasts, collagen-producing cells, need time to develop a physiological memory to continually produce more collagen.

Moreover, patients will find that the additional natural collagen has longer-lasting effects – up to 5 years – than synthetic filler injections that have immediate effects on appearance but only last 2 years. To maximize the results of collagen stimulating treatments, patients usually require several rounds of collagen stimulator injections.

Are There Any Side Effects From Collagen Stimulating Injections?

Immediately following the collagen scar removal treatment, patients may experience bruising, soreness, and swelling where the collagen stimulator was injected. This is typically resolved within a week of acne scar treatment. In the meantime, facial massages, icing, and avoiding UV light from the sun are essential for recovery. During your consultation and procedure, we will inform you of detailed post-care instructions that will help you achieve your desired results from the collagen treatment for acne scars.

What Is The Cost Of Collagen Stimulator Injections?

The cost of collagen stimulator injections depends on the severity of the patient’s acne scars. Deep scars that cover multiple areas likely require more vials and rounds of collagen stimulators for patients to observe substantial results. Our expert dermatologists in California give you a proper consultation before deciding on your course of acne scar treatment.

Do I Need Collagen-stimulating Treatments?

Collagen supports the shapes and contours of the skin of our face. Loss of collagen is one of the primary reasons that contribute to the aging process of the skin. Our face starts to lose collagen from the age of 25 years, and many of us might start to see the signs of aging. If you are facing the issues of volume loss, loss of skin elasticity, facial wrinkles, sagging and contour changes, then collagen stimulation therapy is the one for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Sculptra For Acne Scars?

Collagen stimulators or Sculptra is an extremely popular and effective treatment. We, at Scar Healing Institute, provide you with the best range of services to enable your body to boost its collagen production. It helps the patients to experience natural, healthy, and subtle rejuvenation that their face has lost over time. Some of the major benefits of Sculptra for acne scars include the following:

  • It improves the volume of the skin.
  • Results in smoother and better hydrated skin.
  • It is a natural, safe and effective way to regain youthful skin.
  • Combining this treatment with other treatments, allow you to avoid more invasive procedures.

Does Collagen Stimulating Injections Reshape The Skin?

Collagen treatment for acne scars at Scar Healing Institute, the best scar treatment clinic in California, guarantees to restore your skin, not reshape it. Our collagen treatment slowly restores the underlying structure of the skin, which allows our patients to experience the result within or after three months. It is a gradual process of restructuring the skin, which leads to optimum rejuvenation.

What Is The Process For Collagen-stimulating Treatments?

At Scar Healing Institute, the best scar treatment center in California, USA, the process of collagen stimulation therapy begins with the insertion of local anesthesia. It minimizes the discomfort that you might face. A cannula is then used to deposit the collagen stimulators deep within the skin in long threads. The best-rated dermatologists in California, then prefer to massage the area to distribute the deposited stimulators. It allows the product to spread evenly across the skin.

What Are The Effects Of Sculptra For Acne Scars Treatment On The Skin?

Immediately after the collagen-stimulating treatments, the patients might experience some redness, bruising, and swelling on their skin. It will stay for a few days and will gradually fade away within a week. Our top dermatologists often recommend our patients massage the area daily for up to five days to ensure evenly distributed results.

How Long Does Collagen-stimulating Injections’ Effect Last?

The effect of collagen stimulators performed by the expert dermatologists at Scar Healing Institute, the top-rated scar treatment clinic in California, lasts up to two years. It gradually helps in the production of collagen and increases the elasticity and volume of your skin.

Are Collagen-stimulating Treatments Painful?

At Scar Healing Institute, we provide the best collagen-stimulating treatments to our patients and ensure to make them comfortable for them. No, the treatment is not painful as we provide topical and injected numbing agents to make the process comfortable.

How Many Sessions Of Sculptra For Acne Scars Treatment Do I Need?

The number of sessions of the Sculptra treatment is decided by our top dermatologists, after your consulting session, when they can check the scarring issue that you are facing. Generally, patients get treated after 2 or 3 treatments, which are performed at a frequent interval of 4-6 weeks.

Best Sculptra For Acne Scars Treatment in California

At Scar Healing Institute, we provide the best scar revision options to our patients. Having the best team of top dermatologists in Beverly Hills, California, and other medical staff, we promise to provide the best Sculptra for acne scars treatment, using the latest infrastructure, technology, and modern amenities that would give you the best results easily and quickly.