The Scar Healing Institute is a pioneering scar treatment clinic in Beverly Hills, California, operating in different treatment facilities across the entire state. Our institute treats all types of scars, specializing in acne and non-acne scar treatments. For those who seek to boost their confidence by revising their scars, our team of top-rated dermatologists in California, USA are ready to help you reach this goal.

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Our scar treatment center in California is known for executing the most advanced scar removal surgeries in California. Our team of reconstructive surgeons is composed of the top doctors for subcision scar treatment in California, who are constantly innovating novel medical devices for some of the most complex cases of acne scarring.

Our commitment to providing access to the latest medical treatments and technologies for acne scarring makes us the best acne scar removal clinic in Los Angeles, California. The acne scar treatment process can be a long and difficult journey for many patients, but our team at the SHI is here to support you along the way.

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