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Testimonials of Scar Healing Institute

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Highly HIGHLY recommend this place for anyone who is struggling with acne scarring. All of the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and professional, they really take the time to figure out what you need instead of pushing a bunch of expensive treatments on you. If you’re clear about what you want fixed, they’ll know the exact way to get it done, nothing more, nothing less, no fluff. Sarah was especially amazing during the treatment, she took extra time and got every single one of my scars – even the really small ones. She even touched up on a small scar on my nose which they didn’t charge me for. Plus her voice is very soothing so it makes the treatment a lot less stressful than I thought it would be. You can tell she genuinely cares about the patients.

Scar Healing Institute Patient

Chris H.

“Working with my crazy travel schedule, they adapted to my needs and made sure I got the best treatment possible for my skin. I can tell their team is dedicated to their work and passionate about every patient. Bottomline, I could see incredible differences in my skin after every treatment, and, by the end of my final Sculptra treatment, my scars were barely noticeable. I would 100% recommend the Scar Healing Institute and their specialized and revolutionary scar treatments to anyone seeking the best of the best.

Sophia B.

Before coming to the Scar Healing Institute I was very self conscious about my skin and would avoid looking in mirrors, taking photos of myself, and tried countless products that never filled the pothole scars left by my severe cystic acne. I came to this clinic defeated having tried and spent thousands on previous treatments. However, Dr. Hazany used a subcision and trifecta acne treatment approach that ended up elevating my sunken scars. Not only is Dr. Hazany an expert but his assistant Curtis along with the other staff are kind, they understand and can explain all the questions you have, and have awesome hospitality.

Kevin J.

I have suffered from pretty severe acne scars for the past 20 years. I pretty much gave up my journey until I discovered the Scar Healing Institute. Having a darker skin type (I’m African American), I felt like there weren’t many doctors who had the critical expertise in how to handle my skin. The docs here at the Scar Healing Institute developed a plan specifically for my skin. I still can’t believe that after 20 years, my skin could ever look this good. I am beyond happy with the results. The trip I made from Houston, TX was definitely worth it!

Scar Healing Institute Patient

Tasha J.

“I was diagnosed with discoid lupus erythematosus in high school. I didn’t see a dermatologist for years since I moved to the mainland for college, and unfortunately my blemish on my right cheek got worse. I decided it was time to get it back under control and saw a different dermatologist from 2019-2020 but there was little progress and I was very disappointed. I found one of the dermatologists at [SHI] via social media and reached out to see if they could help me. And they did!!! Lupus is something that can’t be cured but managed.. so I am very happy and impressed with the progress thus far!

Scar Healing Institute Patient

Jen C.

The doctors are experts in different types of scars and offer personalized approaches that involve multiple techniques. I had subcision with sculptra and am so pleased with the results. The scarring is now completely flat after one round of subcision. I still have a bit of redness as the area heals, but that is easily covered with makeup and will eventually fade. The doctors and staff are always so kind and helpful! I was incredibly nervous before the procedure and everyone was very reassuring. I would strongly recommend anyone struggling with scarring to reach out to the Scar Healing Institute.

Scar Healing Institute Resources for Skincare

Laura V.

After doing a lot of research, I came across this place and decided to go in for a consultation. Sarah (PA)  and the team were welcoming, informative, and made me feel comfortable and confident in their abilities to treat my scar. After a few rounds of treatment, they delivered amazing results that far surpassed my expectations going in. Not only did they take care of the scar on my thigh, but they also removed keloids I had developed from ear piercings and had previously been too scared to get treated. It is a process, but the results are absolutely worth it. My visits to the Scar Healing Institute have all been pleasant and the team is one of a kind! Thank you to Sarah and her team!

Anthony S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Almost everything you need to know about how to take care of your skin and collagen

What are Pregnancy Scars?2023-07-06T01:27:59-07:00

Pregnancy scars” are a casual term to describe stretch marks that arise from excessive pulling of the abdominal skin as the baby grows. Although hormonal changes during pregnancy increase skin elasticity to adapt to the growing belly and breasts, the rapid stretching of skin causes tears in the dermis, which is replaced by scar tissue. Stretch marks are not the only type of scars that can form from pregnancy. Scars from birth by cesarean section (C-section), for instance, are also common. Briefly, C-section is a procedure in which the surgeon delivers the baby through an incision made through the uterus and overlying abdominal skin. The incisional scar tends to heal and fade on its own but can persist and worsen over time like C-section scars. For the purposes of this blog, however, we will be focusing specifically on stretch marks.

Does Microneedling help acne scars?2023-07-05T20:40:22-07:00

If you’re struggling with acne scars, you might be wondering if micro-needling can help. Microneedling is a skin treatment that involves using a device to create tiny punctures in the skin. This can promote collagen production and help improve the appearance of scars.

There’s no guarantee that micro-needling will work for everyone, but it may be worth a try if you’re looking for an alternative to traditional scar treatments.

Will laser treatment remove acne scars?2023-07-05T20:39:58-07:00

Laser treatments are a popular choice for treating acne scars, as they can be quite effective in reducing their appearance. However, it’s important to remember that laser treatment is not a cure-all, and it may not completely remove your scars. But, with proper treatment, it can certainly help improve their appearance and give you the confidence boost you need.

Can acne scars be removed permanently?2023-07-05T20:39:36-07:00

Acne scars can be permanent, but there are treatments available to help minimize their appearance. lasers and other resurfacing treatments can help to stimulate collagen production and improve the appearance of scars. Injections of fillers can also help to plump up depressions in the skin caused by scars.

Can a dermatologist do anything for acne scars?2023-07-05T20:38:58-07:00

If you’re struggling with acne scars, you might be wondering if a dermatologist can help. The answer is: yes! Dermatologists are skin care experts, and they can provide you with treatments that can improve the appearance of your scars. Some of the things a dermatologist can do for acne scars include:

  • Prescribe topical creams or ointments to help heal scars.
  • Perform laser therapy to resurface the skin and improve scarring.
  • Inject fillers into scars to make them less visible.
  • If you’re concerned about your acne scars, make an appointment with Scar Healing institute. We are having a team of top dermatologists in California to discuss your treatment options.
Which treatment is best for acne scars?2023-07-05T20:37:47-07:00

There are many treatments for acne scars, but there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The best treatment for you will depend on the type and severity of your scars, as well as your skin type and other factors. Some common treatments include topical creams and gels, laser resurfacing, micro-needling, and fillers. Talk to your dermatologist about which option might be best for you.

How Can I Restore Collagen On My Face?2023-03-19T00:15:13-07:00

There are a plethora of cosmetic treatments that can reduce the wrinkles and fine lines with a side effect, increased collagen production. Sculptra, Microneedling, Laser Resurfacing treatments are such collagen stimulating therapies that can give the desired results.

Does Caffeine Destroy Collagen?2023-03-19T00:14:31-07:00

Caffeine suppresses collagen production by preventing cell growth and interfering with cartilage development. This in turn affects the ability of the body to produce new collagen. With coffee, the molecular structure of collagen gets disrupted.
While numerous collagen products are popping out everywhere, if you are on collagen supplements, their desired health benefits get lowered. Also, excessive intake of coffee may bring aging symptoms to the skin.

Does Tapping Face Stimulate Collagen?2023-03-19T00:14:10-07:00

Tapping is a type of facial relaxation technique that improves lymph flow and blood circulation to prevent wrinkles. It gives a natural, flushed glow to the skin. Since stress hormones break down Collagen, face tapping stimulates blood circulation thereby preventing aging and wrinkles.

In order to heal from regular damage, the skin cells need good blood circulation that’s linked to collagen production.

Can You Rebuild Lost Collagen?2023-03-19T00:13:29-07:00

It’s very unfortunate that collagen levels tend to diminish with age and there’s no way to prevent this. Collagen loss starts in the early twenties. However, the good news is that you can restore or rebuild the lost collagen with some cosmetic treatments.

One of the most effective cosmetic treatments is Collagen Stimulating treatment. Some effective collagen stimulating treatments that can rebuild the lost collagen and improve wrinkles/fine lines are Microneedling, Sculptra, Laser Treatment, etc.

Is Sculptra Better Than Fillers?2023-03-19T00:13:02-07:00

Sculptra is better than Dermal Fillers as it boosts Collagen production within the skin instead of adding just fullness or volume as fillers do. Although it seems like dermal filler, the ultimate goal of Sculptra is to add volume to the face while reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Injected in the deep strategic areas, Sculptra treats the primary cause of the loss of facial plumpness, that is, collagen loss instead of simply affecting the specific areas where the wrinkles and lines are prevalent.

What’s The Best Treatment To Reduce Fine Lines Wrinkles And Look Years Younger?2023-03-19T00:12:38-07:00

Fine lines and wrinkles appear on the face mainly due to the loss of collagen. The best way to improve this condition is collagen stimulation. There are a number of collagen stimulating treatments which ensure reduction in fine lines and wrinkles as well as make the skin look younger.

Some of such effective collagen stimulating treatments are Collagen Microneedling, Sculptra, Hyaluronic Acid Fillers, Laser Therapy, Sculptra, etc. All these are specially formulated treatments carried out under the guidance of expert dermatologists.

Does Collagen Make The Skin Tighter?2023-03-19T00:11:18-07:00

Collagen is responsible for keeping the skin tightened and smoothened. When the skin starts aging, the collagen amount decreases which gives rise to fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen accounts for about 80% of the human skin structure providing strength and firmness to the skin.

Especially type I and III collagen increase the skin elasticity more, thereby, minimizing the skin wrinkles and bringing a youthful glow. The best collagen stimulating treatments can effectively tighten the loose, saggy skin.

Can Any Natural Methods Boost Collagen?2023-03-19T00:10:54-07:00

Having foods rich in amino acids and Vitamin C can increase the levels of both collagen and hyaluronic acid in the body. These two are crucial components to reduce skin aging. Foods like red peppers, kale, eggs, fish, dairy products, oranges, Brussels sprouts, strawberries, and broccoli are all rich in Vitamin C.

In addition to this, factors such as good sleep, weight lifting, and steam bath are some natural methods to boost collagen. Nevertheless, they are not as effective as collagen stimulating treatments.

Do Skin Creams Containing Collagen Get Rid Of Wrinkles?2023-03-19T00:10:29-07:00

Yes, some specially formulated collagen skin creams work well on wrinkles. They help to fill in the fine lines and wrinkles. Actually, when the skin is plump and hydrated, it prevents wrinkles from forming.

Collagen creams function as moisturizers and can be used along with other skin care regimes as a part of an anti-aging routine. However, they can’t vanish the wrinkles completely but can improve their condition.


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