Acne breakouts occur when pores become clogged by dead skin cells, excess oil, and bacteria. This triggers a local inflammatory response, which is usually the body’s natural defense mechanism for clearing foreign invaders. In this case, however, the result is unsightly redness and swelling.

How, then, do we calm the body’s overzealous inflammatory response? One natural herb we recommend to patients is turmeric, which contains a compound called circumin. Scientists have found that circumin not only reduces inflammation but is also particularly effective against the bacterium scientifically known as Propionibacterium acnes – or colloquially, “acne”.

There are plenty of turmeric tablets available over the counter. We recommend taking it regularly in conjunction with a no-dairy, high protein diet to prevent acne breakouts and subsequently acne scarring. Have confidence knowing that this is an all-natural ingredient!

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