Despite its being a more recent practice in the medical realm, scar healing certainly is not new. In fact, scar healing has been around for ages!

Ancient History of Scar Healing

Let us travel back in time, way way back to the ancient civilization of Greece. The word “scar” has its origins in the Greek word “eskara,” which means scab. That is to say, scars–and most importantly the recognition of scars–has been around for a long, long time. Interestingly, in Egypt scars were used as unique identifiers, a sign of individuality.

Several different [ancient] civilizations like the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, each had their own “concoctions” of natural remedies that they would use to address fresh wounds and even scars. Several different remedies were used, ranging from honey, to aloe, and even a myriad of plant extracts. Each of these different treatment methods were venerated for their supposed healing properties.

Back in these times, there was an increasing focus on treating these scars simply because of their symptoms. The scars’ associated itchiness and pain were the focus of treatment. Cosmetic disfigurement and displeasure with the actual look of the scars was not a concern.

That is to say, scars were viewed in quite a beautiful light. Traversing back time, we have found that scar healing wasn’t necessarily focused solely on the physical process or “ridding of the scar for the sake of ridding of the scar,” but rather was often intertwined or deeply connected with several cultural practices or rituals.


Scar Healing in Medieval Times

Slowly, and over time, things shifted. During the Medieval Times, also known as the Middle Ages, historians have recalled the development of the practice of alchemy. Though alchemy is now akin to modern-day chemistry (and aspects of medicine), this practice was focused on substance development.

Back in these times, practitioners explored diverse substances and the mixing of compounds in order to pursue the mythical “elixir of life” as well as several remedies for different scars. While these methods had reported various levels of success, scar healing during this time wasn’t known to have widespread success nor triumph.

It wasn’t until the Renaissance–which coincided with the development of the scientific method–that a more systematic, empirical approach to medicine–and scar healing–came about.


Scientific Advancements for Healing Scars

During the 19th and 20th centuries, we saw a mass explosion of improvement in the realm of medicine–and in scar healing as well. The advent of antibiotics, antiseptics, injectables, and advancements in surgical techniques all led to the reduction of scar formation and advances in scar healing treatment.

As microscopy and diagnostic techniques improved, researchers finally began to understand the all-important role of collagen (a protein that comprises the structure of our skin–and body in general) in the scar healing process. This laid the foundation, or the scaffolding, for future innovations in this realm. 

During this period, one of the most comprehensive papers on scar healing was published: the “Patterson Index.” In this compendium, there are a couple hundred references to keloids, several references to scars, and even more mentions of scar treatment. With the publishing of this paper, the medical realm saw a massive explosion of interest in scars and, importantly, how to rectify them.

The medical and general community wanted–nay needed–a cure for this aberrant healing. Following this, interest in several different types of scars as well as advanced treatments became commonplace. 


The Modern Era and Innovators Today

All these years later, here we are. Scar healing is at the frontier of cutting-edge research. Scar healing–and its treatment–is now a multi-disciplinary practice that is defined by a combination of dermatological and surgical techniques.

Nowadays, treatment methods are endless. At the forefront are the dermatologists at the Scar Healing Institute. We are here to not only diagnose but also treat your scar according to your unique needs.

We are leading experts in providing the treatment that is best suited to your unique scar. We do not embrace a cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach; instead, we address your individual needs in order to make lasting improvement. Come check us out!

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