Facial scars come in abundant forms. Some are caused by injuries; others may appear as acne, burns, post-surgery scars or defects from birth. Whether a person is born with the scars or they appeared later, we can all agree on one thing: nobody wants them.

Besides the aesthetic concerns commonly felt by those afflicted with facial scars, confidence is affected tremendously. Self-consciousness caused by physical abnormalities is more critical than ever in our health, beauty and youth-obsessed culture, and researchers are finding that facial scarring is one of the key sources.

In this article, we’ll explore a prominent dermatologic surgeon’s passion for enabling patients to attain the aesthetically pleasing face they deserve, an ambition that led to the founding of The Scar Healing Institute.

Dr. Salar Hazany, is a renowned expert dermatologist & surgeon from Los Angeles, California. He’s been in the field as a specialist for over a decade as one of the foremost authorities on acne scarring treatment. With his unique understanding of acne and acne scarring, he’s been able to heal some of the most intensely problematic, challenging to treat skin conditions.

Dr. Hazany’s highly specialized skills enabled him to expand his horizons to Mohs micrographic surgery and skin cancer removal—two of the most highly sought-out procedures for addressing facial scars. Recently, his efforts gained him the opportunity to start his own institute in Beverly Hills to practice his state of the art techniques.

Dr. Hazany was born into the world of medicine, and has been fascinated with it since a very young age. As a child, his father, the well-known psychiatrist Dr. Ebrahim Hazany, would often share his professional experiences. From the stories of patients who recovered following mental rehabilitation, his father’s passion for rehabilitating patients inspired him to start on a path that would lead to his standing as a board-certified surgeon.

The level of empathy and compassion and responsibility it takes to be a successful psychiatrist also informs Dr. Hazany’s work. His father’s ability to help people on a personal and clinical level remains a key inspiration to Dr. Hazany. In fact, Dr. Ebrahim Hazany is co-founder of his son’s clinic, The Scar Healing Institute.

To establish The Scar Healing Institute, the two doctor Hazanys assembled the top dermatologists in California. The range of services for their patients includes treatments for all common types of acne scars, including ice pick scars, post-surgery scars, boxcar scars, and rolling scars. At the clinic, both chemical and physical reconstruction surgeries are practiced.

Chemical reconstruction is practiced from the top-down while physical reconstruction is practiced from the bottom-up and from the side. The staff at Scar Healing Institute prides themselves for using the most meticulous, personalized, and longitudinal approaches possible to ensure optimal results.

Dr. Salar Hazany has such a strong reputation among both his peers and patients for his success treating scars and removing cancerous skin cells that some people call him ‘Dr. Cancer Killer’—a very fitting sobriquet. He’s also widely recognized for treating unique and difficult types of skin issues, like eyelid scars.

Dr. Hazany works hard not just to fulfill patients’ needs, but as well to satisfy his patients’ desires to understand his procedures, the treatment options available, and the fascinating challenges that confront a doctor on the cutting edge of new medical strategies.

On his Instagram page (@drcancerkiller) Dr Hazany provides a window into the world of a renowned professional dermatologist/surgeon, keeping his followers engaged by showcasing his workplace procedures. His Instagram presence has flourished from inception, bringing in 228 thousand followers in under a year. Ever since its opening, the Scar Healing Institute (@scarhealinginstitute) has been a stunningly popular clinic.

If you search Dr. Salar Hazany’s name, you’ll see hundreds of rave reviews across several websites from satisfied patients. These testimonials demonstrate not only that Dr. Hazany is one of the foremost practitioners in his specialty, but that he started one of the top scar treatment clinics for training other dermatologists in his techniques.

The success of the Scar Healing Institute is the most convincing testament of Dr. Hazany’s impact on his field of expertise.  If you want to experience a life-changing treatment that’ll improve your looks and leave you feeling fulfilled, visit https://www.scarhealinginstitute.com and get your appointment scheduled!

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