How do you find the right doctor for your scars?

There are several things you should look out for when seeing an acne scar doctor that is right for your skin scars:

  1. Pictures, pictures, pictures….

See some of ours!

Scar treatment before and after skin scars

Pictures are worth a thousand words, as people would say. Take a look at their lighting. Is it consistent in the before-and-after results? One easy way to spot deception is by taking note of the consistency of harsh shadowing . Look below the eyebrow ridge and jawline. Are the shadows equally dark? This will tell you if the photos were lit in a similar fashion.

To illustrate, look at the images below. The photo on the top was taken with downward lighting while the photo on the bottom was taken with direct lighting. Both these photos were taken at the same time point. Putting them side-by-side, we can crop out the telltale signs that the photos were done in different lighting to make it appear as if the patient’s scars got better. Crazy!


How we help with your scars?

At the Scar Healing Institute, we pride ourselves with taking photos in the exact same lighting. We do this because we abide by the highest level of transparency. This helps both the patient and our team identify where our treatments worked the best and which scars are more resistant to treatment. At the end of the day, it is in everyone’s best interests to maintain a standardized system of photography.

  1. Safety first!

Physicians must maintain a delicate balance between safety and efficacy. On the one hand, they can provide the most minimally invasive treatments but odds are that those treatments probably won’t deliver the results you expected. On the other, they can perform highly aggressive treatments but risk harming you in the process (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, worsening of scars, etc.) The only solution is finding a physician or team that possesses the necessary training to perform treatments and maintain risk management. Find out more about these and our other procedures at Scar Healing Institute.

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