When it comes to treating any sort of skin condition, most people immediately think of lasers.  In fact, many people believe the essence of cosmetic dermatology is lasers. However, lasers should only be used to refine, not reconstruct, your acne scars.

Imagine your acne scars as potholes in the street. Does it make sense to sand down the street until the entire street meets the level of the pothole? Of course not! The proper way to fix it, as you’ve probably seen before in traffic, is to fill the pothole back up to the level of the surrounding street. And that is exactly what the Scar Healing Institute seeks to achieve first and foremost. We remodel the scar tissue and allow it to regrow, rather than sand down and damage healthy skin.

At the end of the day, lasers have their place, but as of now they’re overused. To maximize the effectiveness of laser treatment, we recommend you go underneath the skin first, through procedures such as subcision, before treating the skin from the top with lasers.

So save lasers for later, and try our chemical and manual methods first!


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Scar Healing Institute is committed to developing the most effective treatments for scarring. Our team of scar revision specialists are continually inventing the latest technologies and formulas to deliver the best results for our patients. 

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