The third and final procedure of the Trifecta Acne Treatment is laser resurfacing, a process that is somewhat similar to the chemical peel of the TCA CROSS and Phenol CROSS. The laser, heated to very high specific temperatures, is also used to induce controlled wounds to the skin. These injuries allow for the promotion of skin regeneration and rejuvenation, causing a tightening of the targeted parts of the skin.

Laser resurfacing focuses on achieving the finest level of precision and perfection in patients by treating common skin conditions such as aging spots, wrinkles, damaged or uneven tones of skin from sun exposure, and other facial irregularities.

During the treatment, a beam of laser light is directed at your skin, specifically targeting the top epidermis layer while stimulating and heating the dermis, which contributes to increased collagen production.

The level of precision used to treat the minor existing flaws in the skin is achieved through the Scar Healing Institute’s Fotona SP Dynamis Pro Erbium YAG lasers. These state of the art lasers allow him to safely deliver this ablative procedure on all skin types.

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